What is the process of claiming compensation for orthodontic surgeon negligence and would it be difficult to claim for the removal of the wrong tooth?

The process for claiming compensation for orthodontic surgeon negligence can be complicated, and it may be difficult to claim for the removal of the wrong tooth. However, you should still contact a personal injury claims solicitor with experience in negligent orthodontic surgeon compensation claims at the first possible moment. As medical practitioners, an orthodontist owes you and the rest of his or her clients a duty of care. This means that they should take every step to ensure your health and safety and also to make sure that the orthodontic procedures performed on you are relevant and necessary. Wrong tooth removal suggests a demonstration of negligence so you should find out if you have a strong claim for orthodontic negligence at the first possible moment.

However, even though your wrong tooth removal may seem like clear sign of negligence, it will have to be established that it could have been avoided if another competent orthodontist had been performing the surgery and taken alternative steps. If it is determined that your wrong tooth removal was unavoidable, then a claim for orthodontic surgeon negligence will be unsuccessful because there would not be a party to make a claim against. Once you arrange a consultation with your solicitor and discuss with them the particular circumstances of your wrong tooth removal and the subsequent impact it has had on your quality of life, they will begin the process of establishing negligence so that they may initiate your claim for orthodontic negligence.

To do this, your solicitor will contact the orthodontist responsible for your wrong tooth removal. Your solicitor will not apportion blame; he or she will merely obtain the relevant medical documents to show to an independent orthodontic expert. This expert will examine these notes and perhaps perform their own examination on you. From this, they will establish whether or not your wrong tooth removal was due to negligence and if it could have been avoided. It should be noted that it is not always the orthodontic surgeon who is responsible for such mistakes, sometimes it could be due an administrational error or a dental assistant providing the wrong information.

If negligence can be established, your solicitor will send a letter of claim for negligent orthodontic surgeon compensation to the liable party. They will have twenty one days to acknowledge receipt of this letter and a further ninety days to inform your solicitor of whether or not they accept liability for the removal of your tooth. There will be no discussion of the amount of compensation you could be entitled to until there is an admission of liability. Following this, your solicitor will enter into negotiations to determine the value of your claim. They will take into account your age, sex, location of the tooth that was removed and if the removal has affected your life in any way, such as financially or psychologically. You could be compensated for any medical expenses you have incurred because of the tooth removal, and also if the tooth has affected your confidence due to cosmetic reasons, or if the experience was traumatic for you.

This is a general overview of the process for making a claim for orthodontic negligence. It is by no means an alternative to the specific advice a solicitor with knowledge of your situation will be able to provide. Therefore it is advisable that you contact a solicitor at the first possible moment to discuss your claim for orthodontic surgeon negligence.