Seven Figure Hospital Malpractice Award Anticipated for Wolverhampton Boy

A ten-year-old Wolverhampton boy, who was brain damaged at birth due to alleged negligence, has won his battle for hospital malpractice compensation.

Joseph O’Reggio was born in April 2001. Prior to his delivery, Mr Justice Tugendhat heard at London´s High Court, Joe was starved of oxygen and suffered brain damage due to this.

Joe was left with cerebral palsy as a consequence of this birth injury, wheelchair bound and suffering from severe learning difficulties. The Court was also told how the boy is unable to speak or feed himself.

It was claimed in an hospital malpractice award action against the Royal Wolverhampton NHS Trust that medical staff should have realised at an earlier stage that Joe was in distress and brought forward his delivery.

Though the NHS Trust denied that Joe´s injuries were caused by medical negligence, they agreed on the day before the trial was due to commence to admit 80 per cent liability for the claim, which will now go for assessment of damages.

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