Man Seeks Compensation for Eye Infection

An anonymous patient is hoping to be compensation for the partial blindness he developed after poor sanitation during treatment lead to a severe infection.

The negligent treatment was carried out at the Ophthalmic Department in the Cheltenham General Hospital at the end of 2015. The patient was attending for a intravitreal injection, an ordinarily routine procedure in which medication is delivered to the retina by injection into the jelly-like substance supporting the eyeball.

However, shortly after administration of the treatment, the patient developed a severe infection – endophthalmitis – that lead to loss of sight in the injected eye. The infection is usually associated with intraocular surgery, affected the internal layers of the eye.

The unnamed patient sought legal counsel and proceeded to make a claim for medical negligence compensation, alleging that the level of sanitation in the room was substandard and that this was directly responsible for him contracting the infection, rather than it being a routine complication.

In light of these allegations, an investigation ensued that discovered evidence to support the claim. It was found that the area around the sink was very clutter, with dust present in many areas around the room, and that trolleys were not dried after sterilisation. Additionally, clinicians did not follow established guidelines to leave antiseptic on the patient’s eye for at least three minutes before commencing the procedure.

The Gloucester Royal NHS Foundation Trust, who oversee proceedings at the Cheltenham General Hospital, admitted negligence and negotiations have commenced concerning a settlement of compensation for the patient.

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