Medical Negligence Claim Settled After Doctors Left Surgical Implements Inside Woman


The medical negligence compensation claim of a woman who had surgical material left inside her after giving birth has received a settlement of compensation.


Elise Cattle, aged twenty-seven, gave birth to her son Freddie in the Hull Women and Children’s Hospital in August 2012. However, for a long period after the birth, Ms Cattle complained of intense pain and bleeding, as well as repeated infections that affected her ability to act in a parental capacity. Her opportunity to bond with her son was limited by the fact her parents had to assist with tasks such as changing and washing the newborn.


For five months after the birth, Elise was prescribed treatment by her GP. However, when this continually failed to yield any results, the GP referred Elise to a specialist, who discovered that surgical packaging that is used to reduce bleeding in medical procedures had been left inside Elise after Freddie’s birth. Once it was removed, Elise made a full recovery.


Elise proceeded to get legal advice on her situation before proceeding to make a claim against the Hull and East Yorkshire NHS Trust for the pain she suffered as a direct result of medical negligence. After an investigation determined that the NHS Trust were completely liable for Elise’s condition, negotiations ensued between legal representatives of both parties. A settlement of £7,500 was agreed upon.


After the announcement of the compensation settlement, Elise told a paper that ““when I got home from hospital, the pain just got worse and worse. I couldn’t sit down for days afterwards, and had to use a rubber ring to sit on. I was laid on the sofa while my mum and dad did everything. It really affected my bond with Freddie. I felt like I’d failed him.”
Elise’s solicitor also spoke to the newspaper; “It is accepted by the NHS that these errors are being made simply because healthcare staff and providers are not following clear, simple guidelines.” However, Mike Wright – the Chief Nurse for Hull and East Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust, also commented that “when mistakes do happen, we are committed to being open and honest about them”.

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