Local Government Ombudsman orders Compensation Payment for Fractured Hip at Nursing Home

The authority have ordered a nursing home, a general practitioner and the local council to pay a compensation settlement after no action was taken to treat a broken hip at the nursing home.

The incident occurred at in February 2012 when a seventy-seven year-old resident, Monica O’Donnell broke her hip at the Parkview House Nursing Home in Uxbridge after a fall. The nursing staff at the facility failed to seek immediate medical attention for Mrs. O’Donnell, and it was only after many complaints of pain by the injured woman that her injury was brought to the attention of medical staff.

However, the doctor attending to Mrs. O’Donnell was only informed of the pain in her hip, not of the causes and the fact that the staff in the home found their patient incapacitated on the floor. Mrs. O’Donnell, who also suffers from Alzheimer’s, could not recall that she had fallen. A month after the accident, Mrs. O’Donnell still suffered from pains in her hip and was brought to Hillingdon Hospital when she was diagnosed with a fractured hip.

An operation was carried out on Mrs. O’Donnell to replace her hip, but she tragically died six weeks later due to her fragility. Medical staff at the hospital recommended to the Hillingdon Council that an investigation of the standard of care provided at the Parkview Nursing Home be carried out. Yet the review found that the home acted appropriately, based on their own records.

Mrs. O’Donnell’s daughter, Angela Kelly, was not satisfied with this conclusion and consulted the Quality Care Commission, her MP Sir John Randall, Hillingdon Council and NHS England. However, it was the Local Government Ombudsman that was willing to bring her investigation into the nursing home further.

The investigation discovered that conflicting records existed in the nursing home, and the home was fined £1,000 compensation by the Ombudsman for its failure to act on the broken hip. The council, too, was ordered to pay £500 compensation to Mrs. Kelly for their inadequate investigation into the incident. The GP attending Mrs. O’Donnell, Oakland Medical Centre, was ordered to pay £750 compensation for neglecting to act upon the fractured hip after the centre was found to keep substandard records and for their failure to be more curious of the circumstances of the injury. Each party was also told to send Mrs. Kelly a written apology for the inadequate level of care given to her mother.

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