Widow to Receive Compensation for the Lack of Post-Operative Care in Hospital

The widow of a man who died after a routine operation is to receive an undisclosed five-figure settlement of compensation for the lack of post-operative care in hospital.

Sixty-year-old Chris Harper was admitted into Trafford General Hospital in March 2007 for a routine hip operation. While he was in recovery, Chris – a previously fit father of three – started to experience pains in his side and in his chest, and a shortness of breath. He died the following week from complications due to a blood clot.

The coroner´s inquest into Chris´ death returned a verdict of death by misadventure; after which Chris´ widow from Salford in Manchester sought legal advice and claimed compensation for the lack of post-operative care in hospital.

In the claim against Trafford Healthcare NHS Trust, it was alleged that Chris should have been provided with specialist stockings to prevent blood clots forming, and that staff were slow to respond to Chris´ complaints about the pain he was in.

It was also claimed that Chris was not given any physiotherapy until three days after his surgical procedure, whereas normal good practices would dictate that Chris received his first session of physiotherapy on the day of his operation.

After an internal investigation into the care that Chris was given after his surgery, the Trafford Healthcare NHS Trust acknowledged that the care provided for Chris was not of an acceptable standard. The NHS Trust settlement Mrs Harper´s claim for compensation for the lack of post-operative care in hospital for an undisclosed five-figure sum.

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