Minister to Receive Compensation for the Failure to Treat a Brain Tumour

A West Midlands man is due to receive a substantial settlement of compensation for the failure to treat a brain tumour after it was left untreated for three years.  

Adrian Underwood – a former Church of England assistant minister – was studying a theology course at Nottingham University when – in 2201 – he attended the Nottingham University Hospital complaining of severe headaches.

A brain scan revealed an abnormal growth within his skull, but no further action was taken in respect of the growth and Adrian was discharged from the hospital after being told that he was suffering from migraine. Adrian (42) continued to experience severe headaches, and he returned to his home city of Birmingham to take a position of a curate due to being unable to complete his studies.

In 2004, Adrian´s health deteriorated further and he began to lose his sight. He underwent another brain scan at the Birmingham Eye Hospital, where a brain tumour the size of a lemon was identified. Adrian had an emergency operation to remove the tumour, but still suffers from epilepsy and fatigue as a result of the original oversight by doctors at the Nottingham University Hospital.

After recovering from his operation, Adrian sought legal advice and made a claim for compensation for the failure to treat a brain tumour against the Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust. After an investigation into Adrian´s claim, the NHS trust admitted liability for his avoidable condition and an undisclosed settlement of compensation was negotiated.

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