Man Resolves Compensation Claim for a Dental Oversight for £4,000

A Tyne and Wear man has resolved his compensation claim for a dental oversight after his solicitor found the dentist´s former insurers.

Fifty-six year old John Turnbull from Gateshead in Tyne and Wear had been a patient of Dr David Stewart of the Glenholme Dental Practice in nearby Dunston for almost fifteen years when, in 2008, he went for a check-up and was told that he had an infection in his lower gum and that two of his bottom teeth would have to be extracted.

John consented to the teeth being pulled out but, soon after the dual extraction, he started to experience a considerable amount of pain in the vicinity of where his teeth had been removed. John tried to contact the Glenholme Dental Practise to book another appointment for treatment that would alleviate the pain, but found it had closed.

John consulted another dentist, who told him that the pain he was experiencing was due to tooth decay and that the two teeth had been extracted unnecessarily. The dentist treated John for the overlooked tooth decay, after which John sought legal advice and made a compensation claim for a dental oversight against Dr Stewart and the Glenholme Dental Practice.

While John´s compensation claim for a dental oversight was being prepared, it was discovered that Dr Stewart was struck off of the Dental Registry in March 2010 and that there were three further compensation claims for dental negligence pending. John´s solicitor was able to locate the former insurers of the Dental Practice, and the compensation claim for a dental oversight was made against the insurance company.

After an investigation by the insurance company and a period of negotiation, John´s compensation claim for a dental oversight was recently settled out-of-court for £4,000.

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