Patient Settles Claim for Latex Left inside Body during Surgery for £350,000

A patient who underwent a heart operation has successfully resolved his claim for latex left inside his body during surgery.

Thirty-six year old Wayne Williams from Tooting in London underwent heart surgery at St Georges Hospital in south-west London in June 2006. During the procedure, a tracheotomy was performed to help him breathe; but the surgeon performing the tracheotomy tore his latex glove on the equipment – leaving a fragment behind in Wayne´s throat.

Wayne recovered well from the heart surgery except for difficulties with his breathing. He was referred back to St Georges Hospital and underwent exploratory throat surgery to establish why he was experiencing difficulties. It was then that the small piece of glove was discovered – which was not only responsible for Wayne´s breathlessness, but which had also scarred his vocal chords.

After seeking legal advice, Wayne made a claim for latex left inside his body during surgery and, after an investigation into his claim, St George NHS Healthcare Trust admitted liability for his injury. A £350,000 settlement of George´s claim for latex left inside his body during surgery was negotiated without the need for court action.

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