Claim for Kidney Transplant Medical Negligence Resolved Out of Court

A Merseyside man´s compensation claim for kidney transplant medical negligence has been resolved out of court for an undisclosed amount.

Robert Law from The Wirral in Merseyside developed lymphoma cancer – a type of blood cancer – following a kidney transplant operation at the Royal Liverpool Hospital in 2010.

It transpired that the infection had been missed when the kidney was screened prior to the transplant, but Robert´s immune system was too weak after the initial surgery for him to undergo a second transplant and he quickly became ill with the disease.

Robert (62) underwent a course of chemotherapy to treat the cancer and it is currently in remission. In 2012 the NHS Blood and Transplant Unit issued him with an apology, and Robert made a claim for kidney transplant medical negligence.

The NHS admitted liability for Robert´s illness, and an undisclosed settlement of medical negligence compensation was negotiated.

Lynda Hamlyn – Chief Executive of the NHS Blood and Transplant Unit – said she hoped the settlement of Robert´s kidney transplant medical negligence compensation claim would allow him to move on from the emotional and physical trauma he had experienced.

Ms Hamlyn added that new mechanisms had been put in place in order that a similar event could not happen again, but a second kidney transplant medical negligence claim is also waiting to be resolved in the case of Gillian Smart (52) from St Helens in Merseyside, who also received a kidney from the infected donor.

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