I have been terribly ill since having a root canal; can I make a claim for a dentist error with an anaesthetic?

The only one who will be able to tell you whether or not you can make a claim for a dentist error with an anaesthetic is a personal injury claims solicitor with experience in dentist anaesthetic error compensation claims who also has knowledge of your particular situation. It is advisable that you contact one at the first possible moment, once you inform them of the manner of illness you have been suffering from, its severity and the impact it has had on your life they will advise you of whether or not it is worth your while to proceed with a claim for an error with anaesthetic at the dentist.

It is important that you sought medical attention at the first signs of illness, whether it was from the dentist who performed the root canal procedure or your local GP. This is to ensure that you received the best treatment possible, as no amount of dentist anaesthetic error compensation is worth a lifelong illness. A medical professional would also be able to determine whether or not the source of your illness was the anaesthetic or something else entirely. Furthermore, seeking prompt professional medical attention would show that you have a regard for your health and well-being in addition to providing a record in your medical history of when you first became ill. All of this will serve to strengthen your dental negligence claim.

Even if your illness is clearly due to dental anaesthetic negligence, it will still be necessary to establish who the negligent party was in your claim for an error with an anaesthetic at the dentist, which is not always straightforward. Even though you suffered illness as a result, a claim will not be possible unless it can be determined that your illness could have been avoided had another competent dental professional administered anaesthetic and taken alternative steps. To determine negligence your solicitor will contact the dental team involved in your root canal procedure and obtain all relevant dental notes. These notes will then be shown to an independent dental professional who will assess whether or not your illness from an anaesthetic error could have been avoided. They will then inform your solicitor of what they conclude and your solicitor may offer you legal representation based on their conclusion.

The information provided here is merely a general guide to whether not you will be able to claim for a dentist error with an anaesthetic, it is by no means an alternative to the specific advice a solicitor with knowledge of your situation will be able to provide. Therefore if you have suffered an illness due to an anaesthetic error, you should contact a personal injury claims solicitor at the first possible moment.